I don't see my brand & other Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions. Check these out before contacting as chances are, your question will be answered. 

Q: My brand isn't listed, which template will fit? or If I provide dimensions, can you tell me which template to buy?

A: Each and every template is created to be a near perfect fit for the tumbler it is listed for. While many brands may appear identical, once measurements are taken, they are quite different. The slightest difference (as small as a few millimeters) in diameter or height means that a similar sized template will not fit. Even with rough measurements taken with a tape measure, I am unable to recommend a template. 

Q: Why is my file opening in a browser or other unintended application?

A: If it’s opening in your browser/other app after downloading, that’s due to your default program settings. You can change your default application for SVG to the program you wish to use, or open the file from within your program. For DS, open a new project, select upload and select your file. For silhouette, click File and then open, and select your file.

This article may be useful http://themissy.com/2020/tech-help-when-svg-files-show-up-as-html-files-on-your-windows-10-computer

Q: Do you have templates for (insert brand or style here)?

A: All of my available templates are on the website. I am regularly adding new brands and styles so please check back soon to see if your brand or style has been added. At this time I do not have plans to add templates for acrylic tumblers, brands sold on Amazon, or direct-from-China tumblers. 

Q: Do you have templates for standard, curve, modern curve, wine glass, football, or similar style tumblers?

A: Unfortunately no. Full vinyl wraps are virtually impossible to apply to any curved surface thus not making good candidates for the template method. 

Q: My template imported black/invisible. What do I do?

A: Please read the PDF that was included with your purchase. It can also be found here

Q: Do you have tutorials? or How do I use the templates?

A: I personally do not. I have posted many quick 1 minute videos on social media but I have not done any full tutorials on the templates. There are many out there by other amazing creators on YouTube and in dozens of FaceBook groups. Feel free to join our FaceBook Group for inspiration, to ask questions, and share your tumblers using my templates.

Q: My template doesn't fit.

A: Each template is sized to be a near perfect fit for the exact tumbler it is listed for. Please confirm that you have purchased the correct template for your tumbler. Many brands are transitioning from tapered tumblers to straight tumblers, please ensure that you are using the proper one for your tumbler. Ensure that you did not transpose the H and W measurements. Templates are made to fit bare (or spray painted) tumblers and will not fit properly over and epoxied tumbler. You can adjust your template width to account for the added thickness if you are wishing to apply over decoration already present on the tumbler.

Q: I bought the wrong template.

A: Unfortunately due to the nature of digital downloads, refunds and exchanges are not permitted. When checking out on the website, you selected a checkbox that stated you understood this policy and were purchasing the proper templates. Our Exchange/Refund policy can be found on the bottom of the website.