Tumbler Template Help and FAQ

Before downloading your template, please read the following information as it may answer your questions and save you time on having to wait for me to answer, as I could be in a meeting or up to my elbows in glitter and epoxy.

Software Based Tips:

Design Space Users:

  • You will need to ungroup the text from the template before resizing. DS uploads files at random sizes, regardless of how they are saved, which makes it necessary to resize. The measurements are for the template alone. Measurements are always listed as H x W.
  • If your template imports as a solid black shape, or appears invisible, you can change the material color to make the lines visible. Regardless of the color of the design, the cut lines are there and it will have no issues cutting.
    • Please refer to the following video for a demonstration: https://fb.watch/2SYeyJJQ29/

Silhouette Studio Users:

  • There should be no need to resize your templates, but do cross check that the dimensions listed match the dimensions of the template. 
  • If you are using the free, Basic, version of the software, please use the DXF file version included with your purchase.
  • There is no need to trace any of templates. Ensure that the cut lines are set to "Cut" on the send panel. Do this by selecting the template and clicking on the "Cut" option on the right hand menu on the Send page. The cut lines should turn bright red.

Brother Scan N Cut and Vinyl Master Users:

  • Due to the open ended lines most of the templates are comprised of, the SVG file version of the template may occasionally cause an error or erroneous cut lines. If this is happening, please use the DXF file version included with your purchase.

If you are using a software not listed and run into an issue, please use the Contact Us page to send a message and we will respond ASAP to assist in resolving your issue. There are many programs available and we make every effort to ensure the templates are compatible and will work with you to ensure success in cutting your templates.

More helpful tips:

  • If your template is opening in your browser after downloading, the default application for SVG is set to that browser (this is standard factory setting for Windows and MacOS). You can change your default application for SVG to the program you wish to use, or open the file from within your program. For DS, open a new project, select upload and select your file. For Silhouette, click File and then open, and select your file.
  • If your template is too long, too short, doesn’t meet, or overlaps, first check that you are using the proper template for the brand and style of tumbler you are working with. Then ensure that you ungrouped the text prior to resizing and that your measurements did not get transposed. They are always listed as H x W. If you are still having issues, please use the Contact Us page to send a message and we will respond as soon as possible.